Young Upcoming Artist


Art is a way to express themselves without saying any words. It doesn’t have to be just about painting or drawing, it can be also writing, music or even sports because you use creativeness and imagination. Nova Salazar, 9th is great at drawing, she doesn’t struggles to imagine something in her head and make it real.

  1. How did you started doing art? “My family is filled with artist and ever since my dad started to explore art when he was younger and that trade was passed down to me and i have always loved art.”
  2. What’s the best part of doing art? “The best part of doing artists probably how I get to express myself and how I feel about certain things and a way to release stress.”
  3. What inspires you? “What inspires me is usually currents events or situations that I find interesting or like if I have a problem with it or something.”
  4. Do you do art in daily bases? “Yes I do because i just enjoy it an it a good way to spend my time.”
  5. Why art? “Umm i guess my dad saw something in me  that I could do something good and i just enjoy art and I just want to continue it.”
  6. What do you like about your work? “I like how i show a big part of me.”
  7. Would you be still planning to do as much art in your future as you do now? “Yeah I think so, I would like to do it in daily bases like i do now or at least when I have time”
  8. What’s the best work you’ve had done and why? “I don’t really know.”
  9. Do you do something else beside drawing? “Mmm yeah i do things like paint and do print.”
  10. How do you feel when your drawing? “I feel focus like in a set of mind where I need to get something done but I enjoy being in that sate of mind.”