Students Thoughts on Their First Days of School


Megan Rodriguez

“It’s school, nothing different. People have different things to say about Bowie, that Bowie is a good school.Teachers are okay, they seem to care about us.Well, is culture week, and right now we are just reviewing.The teachers were pretty chill, but I would like for them to interact more with student.”

Raul Gutierrez

“It’s pretty good, a lot of new faces, new people to meet.People think that Bowie is really a bad school, but it’s not. They think that the kids don’t listen, but that’s not true, Bowie is a community, is a Mexican-American community.New teachers are pretty good, they just, some of my new teachers put their foot down for stay.The freshman class have been reading, we are just doing papers to review, for math, reading and social studies. Pretty good, some of them are really nice.They could improve by letting the students speak for themselves.”

Natalie Flores

“It has been good, I have meet new friends. I have been hearing good and bad things about students and teachers here in Bowie.I think the new teachers are good, they need to get more stuff about Bowie. My goal this year is to try my best in all my classes.They were cool, but my best advice for them is to give better lessons.”

Verenice Mendoza

“High school it’s been nice, I have meet new people and new friends.They say a lot stuff of Bowie, good things and bad things.I think it’s good to have new teachers because they teach new stuff. My goal is that I have to pay more attention in class and get better grades.I think that new teachers are nice, but they can improve by teaching new and fresh lessons.”