Lunch Hours

Karanth Reyes, 12

“I hang out with my friends they are girls.I feel that it is not enough time to eat lunch because of the line and also sometimes I go out and it doesn’t let me eat with the time I need.Go to lunch and after that go to the gas station and get a munchie or something.No of course not because i think it’s not enough time.I would go out very often but now i don’t have that opportunity.Yes because that would let the students go out and have a better lunch and because we can have the pep rallies that student council organizes.”

Ashley Borjas, 12

“I just hang out at the cafeteria because there is not a lot of time.We eat fast and we do not take our time.Sometimes we used to go out and eat.Not really, I and many people don’t get a lot of time to enjoy.We used to play outside.Yes i do, I feel like Fridays are ay better now.”

Federico Moncada, 12

“With my friends and sometimes with one of my teachers.For me is good because in advisory I can do my homework’s. Eating, because 30 mins is only for eating.I do not like it but i think the other 30 minutes is good for Homework and classes.Last year I did a lot of things during lunch because i have clubs for example garden club and we had meetings during lunch and this year we have to meet after school and no everybody can stay after school.Yes I like it because we can do pep rally and this is my senior year and I can do it. ”


“I hang out with my friends.I feel like stressing because the time is shorter. I spent my time with my friends and i can explore most of the time because it is shorter. No, because I was here as a Sophomore and Junior and I had my 60 minutes lunch and right now with advisory 35 minutes is a little bit.Before when lunch was longer I was able to go with my friends, finish a quiz and eat and now I’m stressing . Yes, but I would rather choose long lunch for a week but that’s what we have. “