New stage for Cross Country

Yvete Gallegos and Daniel Enriquez

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The Cross Country had a lot of changes this year from a new assistant coach to a whole new team. The assistant  coach is also the soccer coach and he made a lot of his players join the cross country for them to get a better condition for soccer season.

Many players believe that they do have an opportunity for district and even regionals. Cross Country has had  a lot of changes this year. Not only do they have a new coach, but also new members. Recently Coach Paul Vazquez, the soccer coach, is helping the Cross Country by bringing plenty of soccer players in the Cross Country team.

Coach McElroy came on as an assistant coach and has assisted with recruitment quite a lot. So we have a way bigger team this year than what we did last year,” coach Vazquez said. 

One member of the cross country team has seen quite a difference on how the new members are affecting the team in a good way.

I’m guessing we didn’t do as well as we wanted to, so this year coach Vasquez the soccer coach are really pushing us to drive ourselves and motivates you not give up halfway in to work on our stamina,” Romero said.  

Although it’s a good and talented team they believe that they still need improvements

I think more improvement in  my stamina and as a tame more improvement on speed,” Gabriela Paez said. 

 Because of the varsity team they are looking good on achieving many milestones such as helping on improving the underclassmen.

 “Our teams greatest strength is the varsity large number of athletes that are various different levels so the athletes that are different levels assist the athletes that are lower levels and the athletes that are lower levels make more of an effort, so I think that our greatest strength,” coach Vazquez said.