Jonas Brothers

Samantha Gonzalez, 9

I like their music, they are very talented and i’m very glad they had a come back. Well, I like everything, they are very hot. My sister used to like them when I was little and so I started to hear the music and liked it. Their new song ‘Sucker’ sounds very cool it has cool vibes.

Viviana Salcedo, 9

I think it’s good group and they should get back. I expect that they do good music. I don’t like them as much I just like them a little because they are cool. I know them because they come out in a tv show. I haven’t heard their new song.

Jackie Gardea, 9

I think that they are talented and that they are really cute. I’m expecting them to keep up with their carriers because that is a great future for them. Yes, I like them because the music is such a vibe. I was just watching Disney Channel and they came out. I haven’t listen to it, honestly.

Brianna Avitia, 9

I think they are very cool, I love their personality and they are very very cute. I’m expecting from them good quality music and for them to never give up. I love them because I connect with them and their personality and because of their fame and because they are very fine. I know them because of a cousin from Oklahoma  she was listening to them. Yes, I loved their new song I always hear it.

Aylin Medina, 10

I think they are very talented and they have good music. I expect an album and some collaboration with other artists. Yes, i do like them because they are very hard workers. I now them because of “Camp Rock”. I heard their new song and I loved it.